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Weekly Announcements Sunday, June 11, 2017


VBS is coming June 19-23!  The Registration is now online at We are in need of volunteers to serve as Crew Leader stations (crafts, snacks, Bible study, games, etc).  Our next VBS workday will be Saturday June 17th from 9:30am-1pm.   All are welcome (even if you can only come for a few minutes).  We also need specific supplies and donations. Please also check the sign up sheet on the lanai after service and the biweekly VBS bulletin insert. Contact Phil (283-9224) & Stacie (283-7312) Proctor for more information. Email:


You forgot your nametag AGAIN !  Problem solved by Steve who has provided a storage cabinet with 26 drawers arranged alphabetically A through Z.  It’s on the greeter table when you arrive at church.  Store your nametag there and wear it every Sunday.  Don’t be a stranger to visitors.  They could be your new friends.


We will be doing a Snack Drive for the Kihei Youth Center THIS SUNDAY. During the summer the Outreach Committee has found out that the Kihei Youth Center needs some help. There are on average 121 kids daily that they helping during the summer months. They need some help with snacks. These kids get two snacks a day, which if you can do the math is 242 snack a day. If we can help take some of that burden off of the Kihei Youth Center that would be a tremendous help. We are currently asking for 4 specific items, granola bars, fruit snacks, cheese/peanut butter and crackers such as Austin Toasty Crackers and fruit cups. If you bring your items on Sunday please place them under the altar before service beings. If you forget you may drop them off at the office during the week.


NOW is the time to get emergency supplies together- Canned Goods, Toiletries, First Aid kits, Pet Supplies, Propane, and Batteries to name a few. An ABOVE AVERAGE number, anywhere from 12 to 14, potential Destructive Hurricanes are expected to develop this season in the Western Pacific. We need to take this seriously and be prepared. DON’T BE A VICTIM!!! Please be aware that Kihei Lutheran Church WILL NOT BE A SHELTER in the event Maui gets hit by one of these Hurricanes. Take responsibility for yourself and your Ohana by BEING PREPARED. Develop an Emergency plan NOW. This is not a matter of IF as much as WHEN.