Sunday worship is a great experience


Weekly Announcements Sunday, December 17, 2017


We will be having 2 Christmas Eve Services this year. They will be 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm. As usual we will have some dinner in between services for those who are going to be here all evening. Would you like to join us, please sign up with Vicki Nelson to let her know what you can add to this potluck. The Martinsen’s will be providing a beef brisket as the main dish.


The noisy offering for this month will be going to Lutheran Disaster Response-/Puerto Rico. Hurricanes Irma and Maria were among the most powerful storms ever recorded leaving widespread damage in Puerto Rico. Please remember to bring your loose change (silent money is always welcome) on December 31st.


Due to verbal announcements being made that already appear in the bulletin and the e-Blast, and some repeated on several consecutive Sundays, the Worship Team desires to use the “announcement time” more wisely.

Since we have the bulletin, e-Blast, and Newsletter, we are strongly discouraging the use of verbal announcements at the close of the service. Please e-mail all announcements to byWednesday Noon in order to make sure they get in the bulletin and the e-Blast.

– Church sponsored events (ex: Youth Dinner, Oktoberfest, Pledge Drive, Food Drive, Whale Watch, ect.) will be allowed a one-time announcement/skit about their event to be cleared with the worship team ahead of time.

– If there is something additional you would like to make our community aware of, please e-mail by the 25th of the month (22nd in February) for inclusion in the next KLC Newsletter. (ex: girl scout cookie sale, Maui Chamber concerts, plays, fundraisers, ect.) The discretion of the office staff will prevail in Newsletter content.

Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to use our worship time more efficiently, thus allowing more time for fellowship before members engage in choir and adult education.


We are blessed to have Cate, Beth, and Pastor Joel as members of our staff. You may wish recognize our staff members with a special holiday blessing of a card or a remembrance in the form of a gift. If you have any questions regarding staff gifts please speak to a member of the Mutual Ministry Committee; Mark Fornwall, Renee Romerdahl, Barbara Rudow, Holly Pendergast or Eric Pilotin.


When we go to two services on January 7th we will be in need of twice the number of members who would be WILLING TO SERVE as Communion Assistants during Distribution. The Worship Team is ASKING FOR YOUR HELP by volunteering to be a part of this simple but important portion of the Service. No experience necessary. We need 6 (six) people per Service. If you would be available to help out please see Betty Misner or Zel Terluin. Mahalo for your consideration.


If you are distributing communion on any Sunday service, please meet Betty by the sacristy 10 minutes before service. This will let Betty see you, know you are there and assign where to distribute before service begins. This will help distribution time at service run a bit more smoothly. Thank you for this consideration.


With the exception of the 2 handicap stalls on the side of the building, can we please not park behind the office building? Instead, where those cars normally park, please use that as your driving lane. We have been driving over the irrigation system and there are some leaks going on and to deter that we need to not drive over them for now. Please park behind the church building. If you park correctly you can fit 3 rows of cars back there. Leave the side of the office building for those who arrive late. Mahalo. From the property team.


Our bulletin boards are being used and it’s great to see what our teams are doing. Check them out. There is one bulletin board near the church entryway that is available to all of you for events you want to showcase. Whatever goes here will be left up for a week or two to advertise a topic or event you want to share with our ‘ohana. Just contact Marilyn Hopkins to let her know when you want that board to be sure it is not already in use at that time. What you put there does not need to be fancy. We just want to communicate. If you would like help with your bulletin board, our Communications Team can help with that.


If you are the last person using the dumpster, please lock it, you don’t need to use the key when locking. Please flatten boxes to allow space. The dumpster gets picked up Every Other Week, not Weekly.


Would you like to provide a Poinsettia to beautify the alter for Christmas? The Worship Team is asking for monetary donations starting on December 3rd, in the hope to purchase as many live poinsettia’s as possible for service on the 17th as well as Christmas Eve. Please give donations in check payable to KLC or cash to Margie Terluin. Mahalo for your participation and generosity.


This year we will continue our tradition of purchasing gifts for the 120 children who are served at the Keolahou Food Pantry. If you would like to help with this project then you may sign up for a child on the lanai, or if you prefer, you may give a monetary donation and we will shop for you. There is a $15 limit per gift. We also need donations of wrapping paper so that parents may have the gifts wrapped at the food pantry after they are selected. Please see Renee or Nels Romerdahl for donations, questions, or more information. (874-5695)


With the “snowbirds” return more are enjoying the fellowship when we gather for GAMES on Tuesday afternoon. We meet at Kalama Heights, 101 Kanani Rd. in the comfortable Billiard Room at 1:30 PM to about 4 PM. Most popular are Rummykub, “Hand and Foot” and dominos. Come join the fun, bring your favorite game, and a friend too. More info. or directions…call Dave Reader at 874-1481.


We saw the cars last Sunday. About 40 KLC members say “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. It was another outstanding Christmas Musical for the Iao Theater. A fun time was had by all. All of us are now ready for Christmas.